The "Children's" Table This Christmas

Since there will be ten for Christmas Eve Dinner, I will have to set up the card table in the den for the "Children's Table".  Actually the children are now grown, 15 to 22 years of age, so some of them will sit at the main dining table.  I may sit at the "Children's Table"---it's for the young at heart.  I did a trial run of decorating it today.  I had a red table cloth and will use my white dishes, but I did have to buy a few things.

I found a gold colored jewelry tree that I thought would be perfect as a centerpiece when adorned with small ornaments.  Using a Santa theme, I found these tiny little Santa ornaments at Pier One---they fit perfectly on the little tree.

I needed napkins to match the red tablecloth so these were just the thing---again at Pier One.

Carrying out the Santa theme, I found these little reindeer antler napkin rings.

I think it all went together nicely with a touch of whimsy for the young at heart. Maybe there will be jockeying as to who sits at this table.

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