A Quick Lunch Rich In The Good Fats

It is well known that Omega-3s are the good polyunsaturated fats (as opposed to the Omega-6s) and by combining two foods, eggs and avocado, that are both sources for these Omega-3s one gets a double dose.  Ideally we should have near a 1:1 ratio of these two fats in our diets, but in reality we get a much higher dose of the Omega-6s  because they are so common in processed foods.  We should strive to get more of the Omega-3s and less of the Omega-6s. 

I like egg salad which I usually make with mayo and a little touch of mustard.  Since I had an avocado on hand that needed to be used, I decided to mix it with the boiled eggs in lieu of the mayo.  The creaminess of the avocado worked perfectly to make a delicious egg salad rich in the good fatty acids. 
Four boiled eggs mashed. 
Add the avocado and the juice of one lemon and mash with a fork.
Ready to eat.  A great lunch.

Oh and to get enough of the Omega-6 fatty acids, but not too much, get them from nuts instead of from processed foods. 

Making Palmier (Elephant Ear) Cookies

A platter of Palmiers or Elephant Ear Cookies.

I was visiting Dave and Mary recently, and I was telling Dave about the vast array of pastries that I salivated over when I was in New York at Ferraras the other week. Dave who is a wonderful baker told me about the Palmiers or Elephant Ear Cookies he had made recently.  He convinced me they were easy to make.  I made some, and he's right they are easy to make. 


A sheet of frozen Puff Pastry thawed
Sugar, 1 cup
Cinnamon (optional) to taste
Orange zest (optional) to taste

1.   Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
2.   Mix together the sugar, cinnamon and orange zest. 
3.   Sprinkle your work area (I used my pastry cloth) with 1/2 cup of sugar mixture. 
4.   Place the thawed sheet of pastry on the sugar and sprinkle the other 1/2 cup sugar on the top.  Roll pastry out while pressing the sugar into the dough until you have a 12 inch rectangle. 
5.   Fold the short ends over beginning with about an inch fold and continue until the folds meet and then fold over each other until you have a log of multiple layers.  
6.   Slice into one inch sections.  Place the cookies onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.  
7.   Bake for about 8 minutes then turn the pastries over and cook for another 8 or 10 minutes.  Watch carefully at the end because they can burn easily. 
8.   Place on a wire rack to cool.

Tips:  When thawing the pastry sheets, thaw them just enough so the sheet will spread out easily.  The cookies should be stored in an airtight container so they will remain crisp.  

I will serve these as dessert or as a snack with a cup of tea.  Next time I am going to try making savory ones perhaps using pesto in place of the sugar mixture.  

Dinner with Help From Martha Stewart and Marley Spoon

Chicken Schnitzel with Potatoes and red cabbage.  (Photo by Marley Spoon)

I have been reluctant to try meals that are delivered in a box with all the ingredients one needs to make dinner.  But when I discovered Martha & Marley Spoon I decided to give it a try.  I am not disappointed.  The meats are from grass-fed animals and all the ingredients are organic.  The amount of each ingredient is just what is needed and there is no waste.  The packaging is recyclable, and did I mention delivery is free.

Marley Spoon is a good place to shop for good tasting meals with flexible subscription options. They offer clients the option of selecting from its list of new recipes weekly, which is a better option compared to standard meal delivery services which come with limited meal options. Overall, one of the best meal delivery services that offer a good mix of recipes at competitive prices. (https://www.consumersadvocate.org/meal-delivery/c/marley-spoon-review)
I opt for the 2 person 2 dinners.  I have found though that I can get three meals instead of two for each of the dinners. And I can freeze the extra dinner for a later time. There are new recipes each week and the choices are interesting ones with different flavors  depending on the seasonings.  
On a recent dinner, Chicken Schnitzel Potatoes and Red Cabbage, I figured what the ingredients would have cost me at the grocery for two dinners.  The total cost would have been $14.00 plus $5.00 if I had ordered on line and picked them up at Harris Teeter.  Since I get three meals out of what is supposed to serve two, the cost would have been $6.50 per meal whereas the cost for the three meals by Marley Spoon was $8.00 per meal. I'm willing to pay the extra cost for a few dinners now and then because the recipes by Martha Stewart are ones that I probably wouldn't be trying on my own. 

I recently had the Cheesy Ravioli and the Chick Pea Red Pepper Soup.  I'll be reordering the soup.  It has been one of my favorites.  
Cheesy Ravioli  (Photo by Marley Spoon)

Chick Pea and Red Pepper Soup (Photo by Marley Spoon)

I can skip weeks whenever I want, and I can pick from a wide variety of recipes.  And preparation is a snap because all the ingredients are measured out and there is a step by step instruction of how to prepare the meal.  Anyone can prepare a gourmet dinner this way.  Let's see, for dinner tonight I will be having French Onion Grilled Cheese with Caper Tarragon Green Beans. 
French Onion Grilled Cheese with Tarragon Green Beans (Photo by Marley Spoon)