A Favorite Appetizer

Celery stalks stuffed with blue cheese, mascarpone, and apples. 

The News and Observer recently published its top 16 recipes from their weekly The Recipe that has been featured for the last two years.  It was a surprise that the second  most popular recipe was Celery Stalks Stuffed with Blue Cheese and Apples.  Check out the recipe here.

Since I am having guests for dinner tomorrow night, I decided to go ahead and make these as an appetizer and have that finished.  I must say they are quite tasty---especially if blue cheese is a favorite of yours as it is mine.
Celery stalks cut into thirds and leaves saved for garnish.  
Half of a Granny Smith  apples diced.
Blue cheese, mascarpone and diced apples mixed together.  
Celery stalks stuffed and garnished with leaves.  Ready to serve in my pretty new Moroccan dish, a gift from Claire.*
So the appetizers are ready, but the rest of the meal must be prepared just before we eat---at least the filet mignon must. But the groceries are bought and my menu is in place so all should be good.

 *Claire traveled to Morocco for a weekend while she was in Copenhagen during her semester abroad.

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