Rotisserie Chicken for One

Rotisserie chicken.

Now that I am widowed and cooking for one, I have to plan more carefully my meals.  I picked up a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store on Saturday and have made meals for several days.  First I sliced off most of the white meat from the breast.  This will make a couple of sandwiches or I might even make chicken salad from it. 
White meat for sandwiches.
Chicken sandwich.

I put the rest of the carcass in a large pot with chicken stock and diced onions and simmered until the meat was falling off the bones.

Boiling the carcass in chicken stock.

Chicken stock.
Onions added to stock and chicken simmers until meat falls off bone.
 I carefully removed all the meat and even strained the liquid to make sure I had removed any small bones. 
The deboned chicken for the soup.
I added some red sweet pepper to the soup.

In another pot I cooked a cup of basmati and wild rice and when it was at the al dente stage I added the rice to the pot of stock and cooked a bit more.  I had half a red sweet pepper frozen which I diced and added to the pot.
Ready to eat. 

I had one serving of soup and the rest I froze into 3 containers each holding about 2 cups or enough for two servings each.
Ready for the freezer.

These will come in nicely this winter when it's cold.  So you see one rotisserie chicken can go a long way for just one person.

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