Semi-Homemade Beef Pot Roast with Vegetables

Pot roast with vegetables.

This is not a Semi-Homemade Recipe from Sandra Lee of Food Network fame, but all my idea.  Our son-in-law who spent his childhood in England is fond of pot roast and usually I make a pot roast from scratch.  However, I discovered a fully cooked Morton's of Omaha beef pot roast at Trader Joe's that works well when you want a pot roast dinner in a hurry.  I served this once to Anthony, never told him it hadn't been cooked from scratch, and he raved about it.  I try to keep one of these in the fridge or freezer in case I have unexpected guests. 

Heat and serve beef pot roast from Trader Joe's. 

This morning  I rounded up the vegetables I had on hand, potatoes, carrots, onions, and picked up a rutabaga and a parsnip from the grocery store. 
Cooking the vegetables and adding seasoning.
I cook the vegetables in beef stock (or water) and the gravy that comes with the cooked pot roast from Trader Joe's.  While the veggies are cooking I cut the pot roast into chunks and heat that in a separate pot.  When the vegetables are partially cooked, I season them with oregano (you could use any seasoning) and add them to the warm pot roast.  I let this simmer until the vegetables are done, the pot roast is hot, and the flavors have melded. 
Heating the pot roast that has been cut into chunks. 

Add vegetables to pot roast and let simmer until vegetables are done.
Ready to eat. 

Add a salad and some hot rolls and dinner is ready in less than an hour.

Disclaimer:  I am getting no kickback, not even a free pot roast, from Trader Joe's. 

If I Can Learn to Blog, so Can You!!!

The OLLI program at North Carolina State University recently offered a course "Writing About Food", and I was asked to give a presentation for one of the classes on "Blogging About Food".  I realized that I was going to have to learn Power Point and a little sixth grade neighbor of ours taught me or helped me make a slide show.
My first slide.

 I was quick to tell the group that I was a novice blogger that took my own photographs (with my Iphone) and I did not have a food designer unlike the beautiful presentation that had been given a week early by Sara Foster about writing a cookbook. Foster has a professional photographer and food designer and her slides were gorgeous.  (I thought "Boy, I have to follow her." )
Foster's latest cookbook (Photo from Sara Foster's Website.)

I must say that I had fun learning a little bit about Power Point and making the slide show.  I was a bit worried about the presentation because I had not taught a class in 15 years, and I had never given a Power Point presentation.  It went okay except for a few glitches in the beginning but the attendees were patient and realized that I was a true novice at Power Pointing.   In the end, I enjoyed it very much, and I hope they did too.
My last slide.

Answering questions after class ended.

I'm so impressed with the class offerings by OLLI* that I am going to join and take some classes

* "The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at NC State provides non-credit short courses, study trips, and special events for adults aged 50+. Topics are wide-ranging in the liberal arts and sciences, and we emphasize learning for the joy of learning. Programs range from one-time lectures to six-week courses, and we provide many opportunities to connect with others who share your interests. Most of our courses are held at the easily-accessible McKimmon Conference & Training Center. We were founded in 1991 as the Encore Program for Lifelong Enrichment, and we are proud to be now part of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Network, a group of programs that receives support from The Bernard Osher Foundation" from the OLLI Website.