July Fourth Junk Food YUM!

A plate of Fairy Bread. 
There are certain days that I am without doubt going to consume lots of junk food: hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, brownies, sodas.  The menu on July Fourth would not be complete without junk food.  This year I am adding two Aussie junk foods to the menu.  My Aussie friend Jeanette is currently vacationing in Australia, and she recently shared a link entitled 9 Australian Junk Foods That Are All National Treasures For the children or adults who crave sugar I'm making Fairy Bread.

Fairy Bread needs only three ingredients:  white bread (I broke down and bought some potato bread which is almost white), butter, and sprinkles.  Apparently, the bread must be white for this truly to be called Fairy Bread.  This reminds me of something I sometimes made as a kid.  I would spread white bread (the only kind we had, probably Sunbeam or Bost) with butter or margarine or Crisco (ewuh!!) and then sprinkle with white sugar.  I'm not sure my Mama knew I did this, but I called it my sugar and butter sandwich.
Lavish soft butter on white bread. 
Add sprinkles.
Cut into triangles. *

But I digress. The Fairy Bread name apparently comes from a Robert Louis Stevenson poem:    
                                                   Fairy Bread
COME up here, O dusty feet! 
  Here is fairy bread to eat. 
Here in my retiring room, 
  Children, you may dine

This year I'm making Sausage Sizzlers another Aussie junk food instead of the requisite hot dogs.  Afterall, I need to use the remaining loaf of white bread.  
Brown cooked sausages in frying pan. 

Place sausage on a piece of white bread.  Add condiments. 

Ready to serve.  

Of course there will be baked beans, slaw, potato salad, watermelon, canteloupe, and brownies.  Lemonade, sweet tea, and sodas to drink. One of my favorite junk food days.

* It is a good idea to freeze the Fairy Bread until ready to serve.  In this hot weather, it will thaw very quickly.