Linda Watson's Orange Broccoli Salad

Broccoli, Orange Bowl (Photo by Linda Watson, Cook for Good)
I follow Linda Watson's Cook for Good and recently she posted a recipe for broccoli that I made as a side dish for dinner the other night.   Check out the recipe here

I cooked the broccoli florets in the microwave briefly so that they remained bright green but weren't raw.

I diced candied orange slices to add to the broccoli.

To the orange juice and cornstarch I added slices of green onions to make a dressing to pour over the broccoli.

I didn't have any fresh or candied ginger so I added a bit of ground ginger to the dressing. 

Just before serving I added the cashew nuts.

This can be served chilled (as I did for the dinner) as a side dish or a salad, or it can be served warm over quinoa or rice.

I heated the leftover broccoli and served over Trader Joe's rice medley.   This dish is great served either way.

Another one of Linda Watson's recipes that are tasty and healthful. 

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