How We Use Our Homemade Tzatziki Sauce

A tomato sandwich with Tzatziki.

What is Tzatziki sauce?  It's a delicious Greek sauce made of yogurt, cucumber, garlic and other herbs and spices.  For my last blog I made Tzatziki sauce, and I promised to show you how we at the Palmer-Livingstone household use this.
A bowl of homemade Tzatziki.

I actually made this batch to use as a side for lamb shoulder chops that I was planning for dinner.  It is traditionally used with lamb, but it is good on other meats as well.  But I had a lot of sauce left over to use in other ways.  (The sauce will last about a week in the fridge.)
Lamb chops with a side of Tzatziki sauce.

It's the last of the tomato season here, and I made tomato sandwiches using Tzatziki sauce in place of mayo.  We usually use mayo, but I thought using Tzatziki would be a different take, and the sandwiches were great.
Tzatziki used in place of mayo in this tomato sandwich.

When I wanted a healthy snack, I used the sauce as a dip for carrots and celery sticks.
Tzatziki as a dip. 

I thought why not Tzatziki deviled eggs.  A nice change.
Tzatziki deviled eggs.

Tzatziki sauce is versatile and can be used in many different ways to please your palate.  

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